A life-changing GAP year!

Gap year experiences at A+ change lives for good! In 2002, Greg came as a child to our Total Adventure holidays for a bit of fun! Now, he’s an accomplished teacher in a London primary school for children with autism, and he’s previously set up and run a Christian school in Zimbabwe. We caught up with him to discover how A+ impacted his life and helped shape who he is today.

Greg was your typical teen when he came on our adventure holiday and after finishing A-Levels, he didn’t know what to do next. He decided on the Adventure Plus Gap year!

Becoming a GAP year at A+ meant he was surrounded with positive examples of Christians living out their faith, not by pushing it down people’s throats, but by genuinely coming alongside the young people and helping them make better life choices.

He came to A+ thinking Christians were a bit ‘weird’ but soon realised he could be himself and still make a decision to follow Jesus. These Christians were just like him; they also loved climbing mountains and taking on a challenge.

He was encouraged to see great teachers coming to camps, igniting his passion for teaching young people. He recalls some of the kids from inner city schools on the camps seeing the countryside for the first time in their lives.

Having the opportunity to teach activities and skills was a stark contrast to life at school being ‘taught’. It made Greg realise this was what he wanted to do.

Greg left A+ to study teaching, married the wonderful Sophie, and she persuaded him to move to Zimbabwe to set up the One Way preschool.

In an area of enormous deprivation, Greg saw the hearts of the little ones filled with God’s love. He and Sophie ran the school there for many years, giving hundreds of children the opportunity of an education and the chance to know a heavenly Father who deeply loves them.

They returned to the UK, where they now have two children. Greg has already asked A+ to put his eldest’s name down for Total Adventure Holidays when he turns eight, which is yet another encouragement to us here at A+. Spreading encouragement – even across the generations is what A+ is all about!


September 2023 update!

If you want to read about their latest adventure launching “Way Maker School” follow the link! 

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