Josh’ Story

Because one GAP year is never enough, Josh Jones came on two consecutive GAP years, before joining the team as a qualified instructor. Josh has worked in all of the sections of our ‘Adventure Youthwork’ over the years so many of you will know his friendly face.  We caught up with him to find out how A+ has impacted his life.

“My favourite thing was seeing the impact A+ had on the people we worked with. It is so rewarding to see kids and adults having fun in the outdoors.

“I really enjoyed meeting a new set of GAP placements each year; seeing them overcome challenges and develop into instructors, bringing their own life skills into A+ was so impactful.

“I have a set of lifelong friends who I met through A+… including my wife! It is amazing to share such good memories with each of them. Even though we are doing  different things now, we are still in contact and meet up.

“We went to new depths in our Christian faith through discussions at our ‘morning thought’ and I found the encouragement of being surrounded by other Christians makes it a brilliant place to work.

“I am now a bus driver in Witney so if you’re local, keep an eye out for me and say hello. Having a young family of my own, I wanted to be around more. This meant taking a break from instructing but I will be back so watch this space!”

A big ‘thank you’ to Josh… and many of you who have spent months or even years helping A+ transform the lives of thousands of young people.

If you are interested in our GAP year programme or joining our team as a volunteer, you can get in touch through social media or our contact us page on the website.