Life before the Adventure Plus Gap year was hard for Marc, who was homeless, bouncing between jobs, regularly using drugs and dealing with issues around self-worth that led to depression, and even an attempt at taking his own life. It felt like he was at a dead end and there was no future. We interviewed him about what he calls “the most transformative 18 months” of his life on the A+ Gap year.

“The idea of being happily married, owning a home, having children and a life worth living, were just never going to happen for me.”

“My parents, who are good friends with Jon and Tessa (who set up A+), could see where I was and wanted to offer me a way off of the path that I was on. They backed me financially and as I didn’t have much else to stick around for, I agreed to apply for the A+ GAP year.

“Previous to this, while I was still in school, I did volunteer on a few events and vividly remember the fun I had. I then joined as a gap year trainee instructor and stayed for the most transformative 18 months. 

“I absolutely loved residentials. Working with the same people for a week, building relationships, getting to know them and sharing good times together. Also, the kayaking was pretty awesome!

“It definitely pointed me in the right direction. I still feel like a young Christian but A+ definitely forced me into a complete U-turn away from my past and towards a new future. 

“The relationships I had with colleagues, some who I still hold close today, made the most difference during my time at A+. Sharing common interests and beliefs, as well as receiving unlimited support is rare to find in a work environment and I’m extremely blessed to have had that. 

“After A+ I moved to Wales to join another Christian outdoor adventure company. I joined as a trainee and was lucky enough to have earned a full contract as an outdoor instructor and I loved every second of it. Sadly things didn’t work out after Covid-19 but A+ gave me the skills, foundations, belief, confidence and the right mindset to be successful. Without A+, things probably wouldn’t have worked out so I’m very thankful.

“Now I’m an electrical engineer for a local Fire and Security company. A big difference from delivering outdoor activities with a message but A+ gave me the foundations for who I am today.

“I’d tell people going to A+ now to make the most of it! Enjoy every second, even if you’re cold and wet in the middle of a lake! 

“I found my love for kayaking through Adventure Plus and that’s something I’d want my children to go through as well. A+ instructors are very good at sharing their passions for the things they enjoy and that’s something that really rubbed off onto me.”

THANK YOU Marc for all the lives you’ve helped change over the years and for sharing this amazing, transformative, story.

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Kayak in white water