Adventures in Worship


October 26th-28th 2022

Do you love to worship? Adventures in Worship is a feast of music and worship for young people of any age.

If they have some experience in singing, or play an instrument grade 5 level plus (or 2 years+ experience), they are invited to join with us for 3 days of worship and praise where they will learn  to play as part of a worship band across a range of styles, and to grow in experience of the leading of the Spirit.

Adventures in worship recognises that worship is so much more than just playing or singing songs. It involves being aware of the congregation and the moving of the spirit, leadership skills and a sensitivity. It needs teamwork and the ability to listen to each other.

Our time over the three days will be a combination of practical musical training, worship experience and outdoor adventure. The outdoor adventure elements may include activities such as canoeing, climbing, archery, fencing, kayaking, orienteering, and bushcraft.

As part of our evening time together we will explore art in worship, acts of worship, prayer and journaling to ensure that your young person comes away with a boarder mindset, increased confidence and ability to worship. As well as deepening their connection and relationship with God.

On the final day we will run a worship session with staff and parents so that your young people get to show off their skills and practice being part of a worship group with a congregation. This is an amazing opportunity for growth in confidence, a time of bonding and exploration. A time to learn new skills, develop friendships and spend time with God.

 Musical Scampers are welcome to join us (16+ )  here 


Our volunteers will play an even more crucial role during Adventures in Worship. If you are involved in creative worship or worship leading, musical tuition or creative dance we would LOVE to have your help. Please book your place here.

Transport via minibus to and from Witney can be provided if required. Please let us know if this would be a helpful addition.




Full booking conditions are available here.

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