The story of Adventure Plus – Life to the Max

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Be encouraged as you read how the calling at the heart of A+ has been followed by many answers to prayer, clear guidance & evident provision, which have combined to create the dynamic ministry of A+ today.

Life to the Max tells the inspiring journey of the youth ministry Adventure Plus over the past 30 years, and speaks of God’s faithfulness through an inspiring adventure of faith which is still unfolding today, impacting the lives of thousands of children and young people every year. 

Messages received from readers:

‘Life to the Max brims over with conviction and passion. Its as much an adventure story as a history – and a cracking read too.’   Jeremy Vine  A+ Patron

‘What a great account of God’s faithfulness… It began with an unexpected calling and has developed into a first class youth ministry.’  Graham Daniels – CEO Christians in Sport

‘This is an inspiring story of someone who was prepared to step out of his comfort zone and instead follow an uncharted path. Jon’s courage and faith kept him going even when there seemed little prospect of success. The result has been life changing for many who have been involved in the charity, either as leaders or as participants. This book is a must for anyone who wants to achieve something out of the ordinary in their life. We are never too young, or too old, to live.’  Reader Comment 2015

‘An amazing, inspiring and very encouraging book in so many different ways. A wonderful testimony of faith, hope and love, it is a great story of courage, trust and sheer hard work. I was a volunteer instructor with Adventure Plus for several years and have loved and laughed over reading about events that took place while I was there. Jon’s inspiration and example are a joy to behold, and his sense of humour has diffused many a “situation”. Whether you believe in God or not, this book will appeal to anyone who has a desire to work with young people in an outdoor environment, or is just looking for an interesting, real-life story to inspire and encourage.’  Volunteer Comment

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