School Residential Trips

Do you remember your school-residential trip? Many of us still remember these formative trips from our childhood. We want to help you create these memories for your students. Adventure Plus offers a variety of exciting adventure activities led by our enthusiastic and highly trained instructors. Let us help you make this a trip that they will never forget.

We offer a flexible program, and we can host you here on our 80-acre Oxfordshire site, come to you, or work on one of our associate sites.

What we offer

Our tailored programmes match the age and requirements of your students to your goals for the week. We design an itinerary with a mixture of adventure activities and team-building challenges. Combining both helps build self-confidence and encourages the development of relationships within the group. These challenges can also offer insight for teachers into the pupils’ strengths and characteristics that can remain hidden within the school environment.

It isn’t only the activities which will challenge young people and provide memorable experiences. Staying away from home for two or three nights is a real adventure for many. Learning to live alongside others, eat food not cooked by their parents, and sleep in a new bed can all enhance the adventure.

The key to our residentials is the relationships our instructors build with your young people. Schools return to A+ year after year because they see children genuinely encouraged by our friendly instructor team. Our team to get to know the young people and make every effort to ensure they have the time of their lives.

Our Christian ethos challenges and inspires us to provide a supportive, attentive atmosphere. The evening thoughts our team are pleased to offer bring a Christian perspective on life in a relevant and entertaining way.


We are located in Clanfield, West Oxfordshire, and we can host up to 80 children and leaders in our new timber yurts. Many of the amazing outdoor activities we offer are undertaken on the 80-acre site here in Clanfield across the open fields and ancient woodlands! We can also work from several Associate Centres across the country, offering a variety of locations to suit your needs. We are also happy to come to your venue of choice, whether in your school or an alternative centre.

For further details about how we can tailor a programme for your students, contact us or download a sample programme here.