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Witney to Westminster Canoe Marathon

The longest Charity Canoe Marathon in the UK, taking you right into the heart of London, and raising funds for our strategic 'Adventure Youthwork'.

Draft dates for the the 2021 event are Saturday 29th May to Thursday 3rd June


This 127 mile challenge takes place in 6 stages. We invite individuals, teams and groups of all kinds to join us on this unique event. You can join us for anything from 1 to 6 days depending on how big a challenge you want.

A+ provides the canoes and kit you need (unless you have your own). We regularly get 32 participants in 16 canoes. Our qualified instructors paddle every mile of the journey with you.

We paddle from 20-24 miles per day, so you could be in a boat for up to 8 hours, but the many locks along the way serve as frequent rest (& snack) points, and ensure there is time to relax and chat as well.

Participants do not need any previous canoeing experience before they join us for the 3 pre-event practice sessions.

Our valiant participants have ranged from teenagers to those in their 60’s+.

Each night we stay with generous organisations such as churches and canoe clubs that provide a warm evening meal and space for 'indoor camping', as a team.

To register your interest in the 2021 event please click here.


The challenge is more than just the paddling. We would love each paddler to aim to raise sponsorship as follows please: 

1 day - £250

2 days - £450

3 days - £550

4 days - £700

5 days - £850

6 days - £1000

Children & Young People

Many families join the challenge e.g. as Father & Daughter(s) or Mother & Son(s) teams. Minimum age is 10, and anyone under 18 must be accompanied by an adult (or join as part of a supervised group). Registration fees and sponsorship targets are 50% of those for adults. Due to strong tides, the final day is more challenging and minimum age is 14. It is not possible for people to join for the final day only.


Some very courageous participants choose to walk or run the towpaths meeting the boats at the scheduled stops during the day.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you would like to know more about the practicalities of this event take a look through these frequently asked questions and be sure to get in touch if you need any further information.


Have a look at this checklist to give you an idea of what you will need to bring along.

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