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The Need

Adventure Plus (A+) started from small beginnings as a youth work charity in 1990, to inspire young people to make positive life choices and embrace the adventure of life. A+ has grown significantly (600% since 2000) and now provides adventure youthwork to over 6,000 children and young people each year, all without a permanent adventure centre

To quote one of our volunteers:  "You can't continue to provide this quality and complexity of provision out of the back of a minibus or three!"

As demand for our work continues to grow, there is an urgent need to develop a purpose-built AdventureBase in Oxfordshire. This will more than double our capacity, and significantly improve the quality and expand the range of activities we can offer.

AdventureBase Introduction

About Adventure Plus

We are an adventure activity provider based in West Oxfordshire, offering a wide range of opportunities for individuals and groups, from adventure days to a full training year.

Our mission is to help people realise their potential through adventure and education in a positive Christian environment.