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Witney to Westminster Canoe Marathon Training Update

Monday, February 25, 2019

Sim aged 18 from Oxford joined our GAP year team last September. Here he gives an update on their training for our biggest biennial fundraising event, the Witney to Westminster Canoe Marathon which takes place in May 2019:-

 Starting the GAP year in September, we knew that there were going to be many challenges heading our way, one of them being the Witney to Westminster Canoe Marathon! This amazing event happens every second year at Adventure Plus and is one of the highlights of the GAP year! It requires determination, endurance and team work and I advise anyone who joins the A+ GAP year to take part!

Though Witney to Westminster is normally a canoe challenge, many people walk and a few run. This year the GAP instructors have decided to run and canoe! We will have to run up to 24 miles per day so as you can imagine, we have been doing lots of training.

This is the running team and the links to their funding pages!

For training we try and run up to 3-4 times a week with distances between 5-10km. This is so we can build our fitness up without over-working ourselves.

Running in a team is great fun and it means we all get to help and motivate each other. It also means you need to try and maintain a constant pace someone is struggling or needs to stop, then you can either try slowing the pace or stopping. Communication is important so that the team can know if you are struggling and need to adjust their pace.

We know this run will be one of the hardest and most challenging things we will ever do, but we are there for each other and that’s what makes the best team.

So why are we running you may ask?

Well - we are running because we decided to challenge ourselves to the max! Just like Jon Cox said in his book “Live Life to The Max” and that’s what the GAP year is all about! We are also running to raise funds for Adventure Plus and for the bright future that is to come. The hardest journeys are the biggest achievements!

We are so thankful for every person who has committed to take part in this year’s event to help raise the much-needed funds for our Adventure Base.

It is not too late to sign up. We have people who are walking just 1 stage (24 miles in a day) right the way through to couples choosing to walk the entire 127 miles alongside the paddlers. Get in touch if you would like any more information about this life-changing event.


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