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Volunteer and Change Lives

Monday, March 11, 2019

Adventure Plus has been in the business of changing lives for over 20 years now and we are always blown away by the amazing people who volunteer with us in different ways throughout the year. We have ‘office volunteers’ who appear regularly throughout the year to help with specific tasks in finance and fundraising, we have ‘activity volunteers’ who leave the comfort of their homes to camp alongside DofE groups in the middle of nowhere and some who join us at The Quinta and Ashburnham Place to support our Activity Coaches on Residentials and then those who give up part of their summer to help on out Total Adventure holidays! Without these amazing people we could not reach the number of children we do! We are deeply thankful for these wonderful people.


Franky, in the photo above with Sophie and Joe, volunteered with us on our Total Adventure holidays in 2018 and we are thrilled to share this feedback from her experience.

I’ve been an enabler (working alongside a blind camper) this week at A+. I have just finished a gap year and am heading to university in September.

My week at A+ left me physically shattered but emotionally and spiritually renewed and refreshed. I have done volunteering in my church youth group, but I have learnt so much this week about the power of volunteering with a group of people who share a passion for Jesus and a vision for seeing children encounter Him and His love.

Many volunteers I hadn’t known before the week but by the end of the week they felt like family, and it became a beautiful picture of service and fellowship. The week also taught me so much about the way we need to adapt activities and programmes for different children’s needs. The girl I was an enabler for was blind, and it made me so much more aware of how things have to be adapted, not just for blind people, but for the individual needs of different children.

There is also something so refreshing about the simplicity of a child’s thinking, their pure love for Jesus, and their quizzical nature that stems from a desire to know more about their creator. The week volunteering with A+ has been the perfect way to spend my summer before starting a new season at University.

This was my first year volunteering, but I had been to many TA camps as child so it was really special to be able to experience being camp as a leader. As a child, you never appreciate just how much time, thought, prayer and selfless commitment goes into making the week as special as it is.”

We are so thankful for the many people who generously and faithfully serve A+ by volunteering on our TA holidays each year. If you would like to know more about what is involved we would love you to get in touch.


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