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Slacklining in Oxfordshire

Monday, February 25, 2019

Michael, a Cambridge graduate aged 22 from Hook, Hampshire joined our GAP year team, last September. He gives an update on a slacklining project completed with our activity coaches:-

In Autumn, 9 of our activity instructors worked tirelessly to create a new learning space: a slacklining area!


Slacklining is a fast-growing sport involving a taut tape, suspended between two trees or posts, on which participants balance and perform tricks. It’s an activity A+ have offered for a while but are really keen to do more of, so it’s great to have a space of our own dedicated to it.

We cleared a path through an onsite copse to a clearing, where 5 perfect trees had been prepared. After levelling the ground (with sledgehammers, chainsaws and a lot of elbow grease), we perfected the layout with a layer of soft bark chippings and a tyre perimeter and proceeded to the field testing…


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