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New Qualifications for Activity Coach

Monday, June 04, 2018

It is always exciting when our Activity Coaches gain new qualifications! Our team work hard to be at the top of their game and getting the official recognition is an accomplishment that we are proud of.

Mark recently did his Summer Mountain Leader Assessment, through Climb365 - run by Stuart Carter. He will use this to work with DofE groups in wild country and also when taking groups out walking in mountainous regions. With this newly acquired qualification he will be able to support people in their navigation and will also be able to run courses such as Lowland expedition Leader.

When we asked Mark what the highlight was this was his response:

The assessment had to be split into two. After the first two days the rain was biblical. There was so much water around, both falling from the sky and on the ground. It was incredible to see the amount of water around, the river levels came up so quickly. The second half of the assessment was a two night expedition. It had been a while since I'd been out in the Lakes for a significant period of time and it was lovely to spend so much time out in the hills with like-minded people. We did some night-navigation and one of the legs that I was leading I led myself thigh-deep into a small stream!

We are thankful to have an amazing team of passionate and determined Activity Coaches and love to see them doing what they love best which is helping people to realise their potential all while enjoying the great outdoors. Well done Mark, we are proud of you.

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