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Kayak Skills Session

Monday, February 25, 2019


Frazer aged 18 from Chipping Norton joined our GAP year team last September. Frazer gives an update on a pool training session held recently:- 

On Friday 8th February, 11 of us (a mixture of A+ staff and friends/family) went to Oxford for a kayaking pool session at Oxford Brookes Harcourt Hill Campus. This session was to practice our T-Rescues, rolls, support strokes and gain more confidence in the water.

A few of the participants conquered their fears of capsizing and gained a lot of confidence in the water and were loving it by the end!

A lot of us practiced our T-Rescues to gain a better understanding of them and a greater confidence of going underwater. It was really good to be able to practice these in a clear pool where you could see what you were doing and get them down to a T (pun intended).

Personally one of my highlights of the pool session was starting to learn how to roll. T-Rescues have always been a problem for me (going underwater more than anything) and learning to roll has really helped with that confidence. I was unable to fully execute a roll but I managed to get mostly out of the water which I was extremely pleased with! Quite a few of us practiced our rolls in the pool and others gave really good coaching tips on how to improve (with some people even moving on to hand rolls).

Overall it was a really good session that we all benefited from and I can’t wait until the next one!

If you would like to know more about our GAP year programme Graham would love to hear from you.


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