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February Half Term Fun in the Swiss Alps

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

We had a ‘full-house’ for our TA Ski week set in the breathtakingly beautiful Jungfrau region of Switzerland. Fresh and abundant snow, blue skies, amazing company, comfortable accommodation and healthy home-cooked meals all added to the amazing experience had by all on this adventure.

This is some of the feedback when we asked for highlights from the week:-

“The people I met and the friendships I’ve made. Loved the fun of Onesie Wednesday and having my photo taken in a Telly Tubbies costume with 25 tourists! It was great having an opportunity to perfect my turns, control and reverse skiing. Enjoying the staggering beauty of God’s creation.”

“This is my 3rd time on TA Ski. I love the sense of community created by the wonderful team and the setting is just amazing!”

“It was great to see the progression that everyone made in skiing as well as their personal growth. People really came out of their shell and got into the fun of it all. The fellowship is fantastic and everyone was really encouraging and helpful. The weather was amazing all week too!”

“I loved the atmosphere, the food and getting to ski every day. My most enjoyable week in a long time.”

“As a beginner, I learnt to ski! I made some new friends along the way. Absolutely fantastic fun, great company and food. Spiritually filling, and that’s all before we even got onto the slopes!”

This wonderful feedback from our speaker for the week, Alan Jenkins who is Rector at St Nicolas, Great Bookham.

 "I arrived at Cobham Services knowing only three people. But the group was very welcoming and throughout the week there was no sense of cliques or people who would not welcome you skiing with them. Meal times, although cosy, were a great way of building relationships and ensuring that you didn’t sit with the same people all the time. The evening meetings were a strength of the holiday, and although it was a privilege to provide a short talk (the unifying theme was ‘mountains’ – in the Bible, a lot of important things happen on mountains!), it seemed to me that the discussion afterwards was the really valuable time. Yes, we were a diverse bunch, ranging in age from quite young to retired, and ranging in spiritual experience from those who are not yet Christians to those who have been so for a very long time. And yet it seemed that there was space for everyone to join in and express an opinion. Some important conversations happened away from the main meeting, either straight afterwards or on the slopes!"


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