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Archery Training

Monday, April 08, 2019

Our GAP year team have just completed their In-house archery training with Director Brian Foxton. Brian works with the London Borough of Hackney Highways and we are so thankful that he shares his passion and expertise for this great sport with our new team members each year!

The training covered aspects of safety, use of equipment, coaching strategies, how to identify eye dominance to improve accuracy. Having worked on archery events and taken part in this training the team are now equipped to lead A+ archery sessions on our TA holidays, Group Adventures and Adventure Impact events.

Our activity coaches were impressed by the biathlon style training used by Brain during this training. It added a new dimension of fitness to the archery session and will most certainly be added to some of our events.

Some feedback from the day

“The archery training with Brian was a ton of fun. We were taught how to aim with precision, what health and safety regulations to be aware of. The techniques we were taught will be very helpful for when we run archery sessions at events.” Joel

“Archery training was a lot of fun. I enjoyed the games and with the help of Brian I improved my aim.” Sim.

Our GAP year programme is a training year which is designed to equip young adults for adventure activity leadership. Along with new qualifications and skills we also spend time focusing on the personal and spiritual growth of each member of the team. Applications for our 2020 intake are now open. Please send an email the Graham to find out more.


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