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Adventure Base : Our Vision

It is our vision to create a cutting edge adventure centre in Oxfordshire which will provide exhilarating personal challenges in a beautiful rural setting. Our passionate team will create an environment that offers a warm welcome and genuine hospitality for young people from any background.

Our adventure base will be a place where young people, whatever their story, can be reminded that they have a positive contribution to make.


A place to change ... for Good!

At the heart of our approach to youthwork is a blend of exciting and exhilarating personal challenges set within an environment of genuine and generous hospitality. People matter, and it is crucial that they know they are greatly loved and highly valued - which is of course the heart of the Christian ethos that motivates our staff.

Many children and young people need to come to a place where they can be reminded that they have a positive contribution to make.

For 'adventure youthwork' to make a lasting difference in their lives, it is important to develop long-term relationships with young people and help them grow into making their own positive life choices.

A+ aims to develop ongoing encounters with young people for a variety of different ‘adventures’ from holidays to mentoring schemes, training placements and even an Outdoor Instructor Training Gap Year or Conservation Internship. The Adventure Base will become a place of real encouragement. Somewhere they feel safe to 'be themselves'; a haven they can always return to in future years if life gets tough. It will be pivotal in helping young people grow in confidence, discover that life is an adventure to be lived, not a series of problems to be overcome… and be inspired to live 'Life to the Max'.

Shaping Adventure Youthwork

The Adventure Base will be a ground-breaking flagship centre. Pioneering concepts being developed include:

Urban Country

A high-octane blend of 'free sports' and classic Outdoor Pursuits

'Good outreach involves meeting people where they are at.' The young people will arrive to see skate parks, BMX ramps and parkour courses - exciting accessible activities from an urban environment, which will be familiar and exciting to many. 

It will be a great confidence booster to many young people to be able to show the skills they have in these urban sports, and we will then introduce them to the variety of adventure activities A+ offers... but with some additional twists.

The UK's First Purpose-Built, Inland Coasteering Experience

Participants climb without ropes above a pool of deep water. The difference between success and failure is not only immediate (a good lesson for life) but also lots of fun!


The activity barn will be an all-weather adventure zone with open sides to keep the fresh air feel of outdoor climbing.

If the if the weather turns wet, shutters can be lowered to keep out the wind and rain, and a lowerable fire-pit will enable kids to roast their marshmallows over an indoor camp fire!

What journey do you choose?

Every visit to an A+ event is a journey, and the Adventure Base will be no exception!

Where most adventure centres offer specific ‘activities’ our guests could also be invited to pick a themed journey through their time at the Adventure Base!

Journeys might include:

Back in time: From ‘to the minute’ urban freesports (Parkour, BMX & Skateboarding) back in time, through different modes of transport (bicycle > canoe > walking), possibly shooting our dinner (tokens!) with bows & arrows, to end up learning how to live out of doors, cooking on open fires and making effective shelters to stay out in overnight, then (after clearing our shelters and cooking breakfast in the woods) travelling back though time to the modern day!

Review: How did life get simpler as we went back in time.

Did the pace and pressure slow down?

How did we feel as we journeyed back to our 21C more urban, but more comfortable environment?

Modes of Transport:

  • Minibus to the centre
  • Bike from the centre
  • Canoe back towards the centre
  • Hike back from the river 

Review: Compare each method of transport:

effectiveness / environmental impact / speed / cost / sense of community...

How did we grow as a temporary community as we journeyed together?

The above programmes are only illustrative. Other journeys offered might include:

  • ‘Feet off ground’
  • ‘Survival of the strongest (Team!)’
  • Multi-Sport : Multi-Gift – Team building
  • Conservation Tasks: Make a difference. Leave your positive mark!
  • What message will you leave behind? A wall of the Adventure Base will be devoted to a number of large ‘wipe clean’ graffiti boards:

Each group will be invited to illustrate highlights and key themes from their stay, and ‘what we have learned’ through visual arts; then leave this image-message for the next group to arrive. The best five message boards will be kept on display through the year (and any that do not leave a positive or encouraging message, need not be kept at all).

The message to young people will be clear: we have created the best for you because you're worth it - we want to inspire you to be the best you can.