The Scampers (Senior Campers) are the Heroes of TA!

Come on the holidays and get fully involved at all levels with the activities and still have time to help the leaders of TA make the holiday run smoothly. Alongside all the activities, laughter, fun and games there's the scamper day out (Week 1 only) which could be a local charity shop challenge, a trip on the river or some climbing out on real rock. Our aim is that as a Scamper you will get input and encouragement throughout the week and really get something out of serving alongside the team that run the Total Adventure Holidays.

So if you're 16 or 17 and want to have a great week with adventure activities and faith all rolled into one... come on a TA Holiday as a Scamper! 

Choose an activity to be trained in - then assist our instructors, learning how to safely deliver these activities and having loads of fun in the process, as part of a group of 16-17 year olds.

You might even see it as a great training to come and join our leadership team in years to come!


  • Windmill Farm Conference Centre, Clanfield, Oxon OX18 2SN


  • TA Easter Ages 8-11, 9th-13th April 2018
  • TA Week 1: Ages 12-15, 30th July - 3rd August 2018
  • TA Week 2: Ages 8-12, 13th  - 17th August 2018 (Scampers arrive with the rest of the team on 13th Aug)


TA Week 1: 12-15s

2017's price as a guide:

  • Camping: £160
  • Accomodation : £240

TA Week 2: 8-12s

2017's price as a guide:

  • Camping: £80

Come on both summer camps for a great full summer with A+

  • 2017's price: £240 - Camping on both summer weeks
  • 2017's price: £320 - Camping at TA 8-12 and Accommodation at TA 12-15 

See what it's like in our Gallery 

Contact the Total Adventure team for more details.

Bursaries may be available for those in financial need. Please contact Margaret for details about how to apply. 

Volunteer Leaders may book in by selecting the relevent TA Holiday with the word "Team" at the end of its name here.

Total Adventure for 16-17's - The Scampers

My greatest acheivment was breaking the language barrier (Dutch to English) and making friends

Scamper 2015

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