Online booking is the easiest way to sign up to a Total Adventure Holiday:

Bursaries may be available for those in financial need. Please contact Margaret for details about how to apply.


Total Adventure Reunion:

School Yrs 7-10 and 16-17's as Scampers 

Monday 23rd - Wednesday 25th October 2017

Book here or contact the Total Adventure team for more details.


Total Adventure Ski:    

For Ages 13+

Friday 9th - Saturday 17th February 2018


Total Adventure Easter:

For Ages 8 - 11

Monday 9th - Friday 13th April 2018


Total Adventure Summer 2018: 

For 12-15's - Week 1

School Yrs 7-10 and aged 16-17's as Scampers

Monday 30th July - Friday 3rd August


For 8-12's - Week 2

School Yrs 4-7 and aged 16-17's as Scampers

Monday 13th August - Friday 17th August


Volunteer Leaders

You may book in by selecting the relevent TA Holiday here that end with the word "Team".

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