Do you have any equipment that you could donate to us? Or, maybe, like one friend, you knew that we needed some specific items and you spotted some that we could potentially use but are privately owned. We are very happy to send owners of such items a letter explaining what we would use it for and asking if we can have it. Or perhaps you can lend us some equipment or time?

Here is a list of our current needs:

  • Minibus Drivers (contact Margaret)
  • Volunteer Fundraising Researcher (contact Tony)
  • Volunteer Hedge Layers (contact Sarah)
  • Desktop PCs or Laptops (contact Tony)
  • Gardening and Hand Tools (contact Sarah)
  • Bushcraft Tools (contact Sarah) 
  • Short term accommodation for family of 4 from end of August (contact Will)
  • Fire retardent sofa (contact Tony)

List last updated 04/08/2017

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