12 October 2016

New A+ DisTIL team member Jack Norridge has set himself a supreme task, helping to raise funds for the new AdventureBaseOver a period of just under 24 hours he aims to cover all of the routes up Mount Snowdon in North Wales. This...

13 September 2016

September has seen the A+ DisTIL Team expand, anticipating increased events and challenges over the coming academic year. Six new members have joined the team, whilst four existing team are staying on for a further year with increased responsibilities. Read the biographies of the new team members Tom Garry, Chloe Boad, Charis Jenkins, Gary...

13 September 2016
Morey scales the church tower

Morey Andrews, on his final weekend as vicar at St Leonards Church, Eynsham, went out in style by taking part in the A+ Charity Abseil on 10 September. Morey was one of over 30 people who scaled the tower to help A+ raise funds for the new Adventure Base. The youngest abseiler...

28 July 2016

The annual A+ Family Fun Day is always a great event where everybody, young or not so young, can have a go at the variety of activities that the team offers at the events that they run. As well as archery, biking and the climbing wall this year's Fun Day on July 16 offered free tractor rides around the area of the planned Adventure Base on the...

08 July 2016

Our 2017 newsletter 'Plus Points' is hot off the press and on its way to all the people in our mailing list.

We've got stories of some impressive adventuring in London and the Scottish lowlands and news from key parts of the team.

For those who wish to view it on line click...

29 June 2016

Are you up for the challenge?

Join the A+ Charity abseil and help raise funds for us at the same time! We are hoping to raise £10,000 from this brilliant event.


WHEN: 10am to 4pm on Saturday 10th September 2016

WHERE: St Leonard's Church, Eynsham,...


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