26 May 2017

The inaugural meeting of the Adventure Plus Canoe Club was a true success.

There was fun in the open canoe shoot at Radstock Lock, a lovely warm welcome from our friends at Ye Olde Swan, some 'interesting' seal launches and all on a crazily gorgeous May evening on the Thames.

We can't wait for next week.

Come and join the...

10 May 2017

Announcing the launch of the Adventure Plus Canoe Club.

The Canoe Club will be meeting on Wednesday evenings from 24th May, 7pm at Windmill Farm, Clanfield.

We will then paddle on the Thames from Lechlade in a variety of boats accompanied by qualified instructors ending with a drink and snacks at the Swan Inn, Radcot.


04 May 2017

"All good things must come to an end." - well some do and W2W 2017 was certainly a good thing and it did have to come to an end.

We ended with a real flourish of activity on Day 6 from Richmond to Westminster and we experienced some lovely tail winds.

We had a great celebration at King's...

03 May 2017

Some top paddling today and the end is nearly in sight.

Reaching tidal Thames was a major effort and the shorter day was certainly good to enable an earlier bed time for the sensible ones.

Pics are on the Facebook site.

02 May 2017

What a wonderful world!!

From sublime tranquillity at Hurley to our first tail winds of the trip near Maidenhead to rain drenching at Windsor and then some formation paddling at Staines.

The bodies are now getting into the canoe rhythm.

More pics here....

01 May 2017

Day 3 was a mixed one.

Much headwind, some rain, a very slow river, some tired bodies and a small dip for one paddler early on but a wonderful welcome at numerous spots especially at the supporter house south of Wargrave and at the end of the day where we were met at Hurley by some amazing folk from Maidenhead and Staines and then an...


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