15 March 2017

Saturday 1st April from 2-5pm.

A great way to get the up to date news on A+, Windmill Farm and plans for the AdventureBase.

The afternoon will include elements of an authentic TA Roadshow as we celebrate the purchase of land for the AdventureBase.

Come and join us at...

07 March 2017

Here are three rare opportunities to join the team at Adventure Plus:

Gap Year Training and Discipleship Coordinator leading our wonderful team of trainees through their gap year and a growing team of interns

Adventure Youth Worker and Senior...

03 March 2017

We have just opened up applications for a truly adventurous role here at A+: Adventure Youth Worker and Senior Activity Coach.

We are looking for someone who...

23 February 2017

Breaking news! 3 New Adventure Weekend Programmes with A+!

'With Dads Weekend': April 21 - 23. For dad plus son or daughter. Book...

07 February 2017

A+ is open for DisTIL 2017-2018 Gap Year applications now!

A life-changing year of:

* Discipleship

* Training

* Instructor Leadership

Who do you know who is up for this exciting challenge?

For more info and to apply click...

03 February 2017

By signing the petition you will enable us to prioritise more of our money towards facilities that will in effect help us achieve our goal of positively influencing more young peoples lives.

By simply buying 1 more canoe we could have an extra 2 young people getting involved within the activity. If we ran this activity...


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