Young people's lives are impacted positively by:

  • Improving their self confidence, communication and social skills through adventure and team building activities
  • Developing their personal skills and character by taking them outside their normal teaching environment, giving them responsibility and teaching them leadership qualities and team ethos
  • Helping them become aware of their strengths (and weaknesses) and to realise that they have a positive, "A+ ", contribution to make - a message they may not hear at home
  • Teaching them how to embrace risk in a healthy way through providing challenging and safe activities.

Working with small groups, and building relationships over extended periods of time, we effectively mentor and make a positive impact on young people’s lives. Specifically, we aim to reduce behavioural problems, improve school attendance and academic performance and avoid/reduce offending behaviour and substance misuse.

See GO4It Newsletter or our YOS Taster Course Report for example analysis of outcomes.


A massive change in his outlook on life.  He is so happy with himself.

Parent of participant

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